Lirik Lagu Gamaliel & Isyana Sarasvati - A Whole New World

A Whole New World - Gamaliel & Isyana Sarasvati

I Can Show You The World
Shining, Shimmering Splendid
Tell Me, Princess, Now When Did
You Last Let Your Heart Decide?

I Can Open Your Eyes
Take You Wonder By Wonder
Over Sideways And Under
On A Magic Carpet Ride

A Whole New World
A New Fantastic Point Of View
No One To Tell Us No
Or Where To Go
Or Say We're Only Dreaming

A Whole New World
A Dazzling Place I Never Knew
But When I'm Way Up Here
It's Crystal Clear
That Now I'm In A Whole New World With You

Now I'm In A Whole New World With You

Unbelievable Sights
Indescribable Feeling
Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling
Through An Endless Diamond Sky

A Whole New World (Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes)
A Hundred Thousand Things To See (Hold Your Breath, It Gets Better)
I'm Like A Shooting Star
I've Come So Far
I Can't Go Back To Where I Used To Be

A Whole New World (Every Turn A Surprise)
With New Horizons To Pursue (Every Moment, Red-letter)
I'll Chase Them Anywhere
There's Time To Spare
Let Me Share This Whole New World With You

A Whole New World (A Whole New World)
That's Where We'll Be (That's Where We'll Be)
A Thrilling Chase
A Wondrous Place
For You And Me

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